Desk Calendars

Everyone needs to know the date. So why note use a calendar to also heighten your brand and identity.

A Branded calendar on your sales team desk can speak volumes for your attention to detail, efficiency and brand. It’s a simple way of making your brand streamlined and effective.

Next Service Date Stickers

Whether you need next service date stickers for your vehicles windscreens or Dealership Rear View Window Stickers, we can get you noticed.

Never waste an opportunity to promote your business, while also having a new customer drive away proud of their new purchase and to drive with pride.

It’s not everyday you get to drive away in your new car so branded it with pride and make the neighbours notice.

Finance Pads

Every day, businesses deal with valuable, financial transactions. So it makes sense to have your own quotation pads and notepads you can use. Customers like to digest the facts and figures, so provide your financial details on branded material they can take away and review, while also promote your business name and brand.

Boost Powerbanks

Imagine your brand being displayed on the most prominent board rooms tables.  You can with a branded booster powerbank!


Did you know for a small investment you could be on your clients desk and seen for 365 days of the year?

This branded giveaway is so worth it.  With a calendar, each day is a new day for your business to be featured.

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