“Where there is sorrow there is holy ground.” – Oscar Wilde

There will be times on our life’s journey …

… when we will need help and support to help us get through it and keep the wheels turning. Everyone who walks through our door has something larger going on and we’re here to assist you with what you need and when you need it.

We can provide you with a professional, compassionate and patience that others printers mightn’t think of.  We’re learning every day, same as everyone else, but we are also aware we have learned along the way and use this to help our customers when they need it.

Call us and we’ll help you with what you need, in a helpful and humane manner.

You may need a mass booklet, in memoriam cards of a loved one, a remembrance bookmark for you and your family, we can talk with you on what would be appropriate for your needs at this time.  Call us to talk today.


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