Branded Bags

It always counts to make a first impression. Well Branded bags make an impact without words.

We can provide you with attractive, cotton, durable, comfortable branded bags at a reasonable price.

Sponsorship Signage

Want to get your message out there, to the masses, and fast.

Why not get a colourful banner? Customers have found banners very effective in getting their message across fast and effectively.

Size sometimes does matter and we can make it happen.

Event Programmes

Hosting an event? We can help you have stunning, quality, full colour event programmes for your special event.

Whether you’re trying to attract sponsors for the event or simply showcasing the talent and content of teh event, we can create a printed momento that will strike the right cord.

School Calendars

Each year school produce a beautifully, colourful calendar for parents, teachers and pupils to enjoy, month after month.

We’re have a something do with it, so if you want a high quality calendar with high quality printing please give us a call.



Embroidered clothing and safety wear is huge now.

We’ve notice a huge interest in embroidering the chest and back of most clothing now. In addition to this we’ve even had some customers have their website featured along the collar area. So while you’re hard at work, let your brand speak volumes to your customers and beyond.

Boost Powerbanks

Imagine your brand being displayed on the most prominent board rooms tables.  You can with a branded booster powerbank!

Branded USB

Whatever industry you may be in, a branded USB means your data can travel with you and be transferred easily to clients or customers alike.

Let your brand be as much of your transaction as the information you’re giving. It’s never been easier than with a branded USB.

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